What Is VRBO?

You have done your research about how to conduct a vacation rental. You invested in the right furniture and amenities to appeal to guests. You’ve got a strategy in place for cleaning and guest support. Now, how do you get bookings?

The listing site you choose will have a significant influence on your vacation rental’s success. It affects your costs and can affect your ability to get bookings.

  • VRBO Owner Fee: $499 yearly or 5% per reservation + 3% credit card processing fee
  • Guest Fee: 5-15% per booking
  • Combined Monthly Traffic: 40 million visitors

Boasting a combined monthly visitor count of over 40 million, HomeAway and VRBO are great choices for owners of traditional vacation rentals. They focus exclusively on” whole home” rentals so they are attracting travelers who aren’t interested in sharing space with other people. Both sites are under the umbrella of the Expedia Holding group, and if you list on one, you get the added benefit of being recorded on the other.

With HomeAway and VRBO, you have the choice between a subscription version or a pay-per-booking version. The subscription version costs $499 per year and covers each of the reservations you make on the stage. With the pay-per-booking model, you pay 5% of each booking to HomeAway and VRBO.

If you’re considering the differences between the two, we have found the pay-per-booking plan works out in your favor if you’re making less than $6,980 in rental income or reserving fewer than six weeks annually. Any more than that and the subscription plan is the better choice.

The guest fees range is lower with HomeAway and VRBO than Airbnb, but it’s still something to factor into your analysis.

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