HostGator: Your Trusted and Secure Web Hosting Partner, LLC is a company that specializes in web hosting services to clients in the United States and internationally. These services cater to large swathes of the markets encompassing both beginners and professionals. Notably, the company has its headquarters in Houston, Texas with the current CEO being Adam Farrar.

Brent Oxeley founded the company in October 2002 just in the wake of the dot com bubble. Internet companies took off in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The headquarters were originally in Bacon Raton, Florida but later moved to Houston. The company grew steadily and was already the 21st fastest growing company in the Country by 2006.


Range of Services

Host Gator provides a range of hosting services to its clientele. They include shared, reseller, VPS, and server packages. Additionally, the company also offers domain names, application hosting and windows hosting services.  According to the founder, the range of services is pretty much unlimited in the hosting department. This is marketing language, of course, but it gives an extent of company operations and suitability for your hosting needs. The powerful website hosting services are essentially the need of every online service. Host Gator has a solid market presence and the performance is definitely the reason for having consumer trust.

For small businesses, this company has a range of options to match the differentiated market needs. Accordingly, customers can choose options such as; Website builder for only $3.84 a month, WordPress hosting at about $5.95/month, VPS hosting at $29.95/month and Dedicated hosting at $119 a month. These are prices from the Host Gator website and are obviously subject to market trends. In general, the company offers affordable, quality and powerful web-hosting services.

Company Developments

In 2012, Endurance Group International bought the company for about $299 million dollars. This is certainly a decent valuation given the few years of operation. Nonetheless, Oxley retained ownership of the company buildings but left to attend to other personal interests.  Endurance brought their expertise in stable billing and register options.

Notably, in 2006, the company suffered some Trojan attacks. The company also went through a period of hacking activity in 2012. These are possibilities for software companies and Host Gator had to ramp up defenses after each attack.


Host Gator has come a long way in establishing a reliable brand for hosting services. The fact that the company has overcome changes in management and external attacks is a testament to its resilience. As such, it is the perfect solution for all your hosting needs.

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