Why is the Best Stop for Eyeglasses

Except for my younger brother, every member of my immediate family wears glasses. I started wearing them at only 10 years of age. The cost of seeing your eye doctor yearly and getting new glasses for every visit is quite high and may not be pocket-friendly for most people.

My own personal experience with was really exciting and it drove me to share a review of the site. It has been three years since I first came across advertising themselves on Facebook. I needed spare eyeglasses at the time and as the promotions at were beckoning, I didn’t hesitate to check them out.

They offered a variety of options and over 300 frames and a more enticing offer that with a special coupon code, you can order your first frame at no cost at all. You, however, have to purchase the lenses and pay for any upgrades such as Transitions, thinner lenses or bifocals. Their price is still the best in the market.

It cost me over $350 to order the last pair of glasses through my local eye center, but I only spent $40 on upgrades for my first backup pair of glasses from Funny enough, I fell in love with the spare pair more than the $350 ones I bought at the local eye center. Nowadays, I wear these eyeglasses daily and most of my family members have also replaced their older glasses with pairs from

It may seem hard to select a pair of glasses without trying them on but trust me, got you covered. As a registered member, you can try them out virtually by entering your facial dimensions and narrowing down by shape, color, and brand. You can either upload a picture of yourself or use one of their custom images, then select which frames you would like to “try on” for you to see how you would look with them on. Amazing, isn’t it? never outsources their frames. They own a lab and ship in Washington, which makes it fast to ship them. They offer free shipping and have a 366-day guarantee so that in case an accident happens or you just don’t find the frames attractive, you can raise a claim within 366 days and have the issue addressed under their warranty package.

With the brief introduction above, you can find out more on their vast selection and order your first pair today for free at!

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