Emirates: World-Class Flight Experiences!


Emirates is one of the world’s largest airlines popular for their exceptional and seamless world-class flight experiences. It majorly operates its flights from Dubai International Airport with over 3600 flights weekly to more than 155 destinations over 80 countries worldwide.

The airline achieves its slogan of “Fly Better” by flying the largest and modern aircrafts such as Boeing 777s and Emirates A380s to offer absolute comfort to their customers. The corporate’s headquarters is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is currently headed by Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who is also the chairman of the Emirates Group Company.

Emirates Airline is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group and was founded in1985 by Maurice Flanagan. Initially, the firm provided flight services using two airlines. However, the firm has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Today, the airline has expanded its fleet, destination and earns revenue of over $ 14 billion.

Product Range

Without a doubt, Emirates is a hub for their outstanding yet affordable flight-related services as amenities, delicious cuisines, hotels as well as the spacious and comfortable seats and lounges.  A traveller can create a perfect flight itinerary by booking the flight, holding their fare and selecting a seat of their choice online by using the Emirates App.

Customers can also easily manage their travel, baggage and the visa and passport requirements in the website.  Moreover, the company offers its consumers with an opportunity to travel in style by providing them memorable in-flight and Emirates experiences through chauffeur drives, amazing cabin features, 3D set map, free WIFI as well as complimentary wine and the trending entertainment.

Likewise, the airline deals with an extensive repertoire of luxury brands of items and accessories through its official store and the duty -free collection outlets. Furthermore, customers flying in the First Class, Economy class and the Gold members of Emirates Skywards in Economy Class have the advantage of enjoying exclusive global access to the different lounge havens.

Organisation and Customer Service

Emirates Airlines thrive on the cabinet crew experts who are self-driven, providing world-class customer services and products which people love and trust. Recently, the firm launched new routes for its aircraft in Edinburgh, Santiago and Phnom Penh. Because of what they offer, their level of customer service and their goal of keeping their clients satisfied, the airline has won a variety of awards and accolades including the Skytrax World Airline for being the global best in-flight entertainment as well as Loyalty Awards 2019 for its excellent management.

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