Shutterstock vs. Shutterfly — Amplify your travel stories with professional solutions

Traveling is terrific: a roller coaster ride of stories and experiences. You want to share your stories with the world, if not, at least to your friends and family. You can write a great piece on your travel adventures and send them out via email or just publish them on your blog. But if you use too many of your photographs in your written stories that may compromise your digital privacy. After all, Edward Snowden is risking his life to fight for privacy rights. At least, it’s worth it to protect your privacy.

That said, articles with images get more views than visually less appealing articles. Some say the difference is as much as 94%. The point is that the more your story is amplified visually, the more it can be attractive to the readers. Instead of using your tour pictures in your stories and articles, you can use images that can elicit similar expressions and imagination in your readers. So, where can you get these images other than your travel catalog?

You have two options: Shutterstock and Shutterfly. First, let’s look into Shutterstock and Shutterfly individually and then find out the differences between them.


Shutterstock is a subscription site that offers professional images. Once you subscribe to the catalog, depending on your plan, you can use the images from their catalog in your articles and other works. And attribution is not required as you’re licensing these images.

Although Shutterstock focuses on stock photography, they also offer videos, music tracks, and tools to resize and edit images. You can use videos to create promos and advertising or just tell your stories with excellent music tracks running behind.

Great brands and companies like Google, BuzzFeed, Marvel, Capital One, and others use Shutterstock to power their creativity across channels.

Subscribe to Shutterstock. Amplify your travel stories.

Get Onboard on Shutterstock

If you just sign up for Shutterstock, they’ll send you a free image every single week. That’s something cool. Also, they have a curated catalog of royalty-free images; that is, you can use the pictures in that catalog without paying a penny.

They have some offers going on at the moment: you can get ten free images for the first month if you sign up for their basic plan, and 25% off on all videos in their catalog for a limited time. The offer promo codes are directly available on their website. You should check them out.

In case, if you’re a big brand or agency, Shutterstock has enterprise solutions as well. You can just contact them directly for a customized plan or subscription model.


Shutterfly focuses on personalizing your travel stories to yourself, friends, and family. It lets you create personalized cards, stationery, photo wall calendars, greeting cards, etc. If you’re not into blogging and written stories, Shutterfly is an excellent way to personalize your living space with your travel stories and remember back memories often; and to further inspire yourself to plan your next dream vacation.


At the moment, Shutterfly has some offers going on: 50% off on a lot of their catalog and free shipping. If you want your travel stories to live with you, you should try out Shutterfly.

Order on Shutterfly today. Personalize your travel stories in your closed circle.

Shutterstock vs. Shutterfly

Who should use it?Bloggers and ProfessionalsPersonalization to share within Family & Friends, and at home
Free PlanSign up and get a free image per week, and a royalty-free catalog availableNot available
Printing ServiceNot availableAvailable, with a limited-time offer on free shipping
Enterprise SolutionsPlan customization available Available

In Conclusion

Shutterfly and Shutterstock serve different purposes: If you’re into blogging and writing stories and publish for an audience, Shutterstock is your sgo-to choice. If you’re more into personalizing your home and friends circle with your stories, then Shutterfly serves you well.

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